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About the Author

Get to know Mark Vee Ministries

My Vision

I believe the purpose of life is to become spiritual children of God. That is, people who are increasingly becoming spiritual blessings to every person they meet.

The focus of my ministry is to meet the spiritual needs of those who, for whatever reason, do not go to church, as well as, provide resources for anyone to grow spiritually.

My goal is to use my education and experiences to accurately reveal what the bible teaches about the purpose and meaning of life and how Jesus meets all our spiritual needs.

My hope is that people will establish a living relationship with God and experience the spiritual blessings of God's love in and through their lives.


Mark Vee is a down-to-earth, highly relatable Christian author, teacher, and spiritual advisor who speaks to and from the heart. Since receiving a Master of Divinity degree from Western Theological Seminary in 1982, he has helped thousands experience the presence and loving power of God. Mark lives in Grand Haven, Michigan with his wife, Susanne and their 5 children and seven grandchildren. 

Personal Note from Mark Vee...

I am all about understanding the life we have been given on this planet. At the core of my being, I have always been interested in understanding myself, other people, and how that relates to a working understanding the purpose and meaning of life.

I believe you, and every other person at some point in time, will be interested in the questions that confront us all about the purpose and meaning of life. Why do we exist? What are we supposed to be doing here? What difference does it make as to what we believe, think, say, and do here in the short and long term? Being confronted by these types of questions I believe is inevitable for everyone.  As a Christian, I believe there is a creator who is more than willing and able to reveal the truths about life to those who seek the truth. 

As a Christian writer, I seek to help you answer questions about life. My goal is not to convince you to believe what I believe. It is certainly not to convince you that my lists of what to do or not do is right. It is not to convince you to join any religious group or organization. My goal is also not to try change you in any way! I trust you and God can decide all of that just fine on your own. My goal is to use my education to present, as accurately as I can, what the Bible says about life, and through my experiences in life, share what I have come to believe is true about life.

Each of us has a mental jigsaw picture in our minds of the truth about life with some of those jigsaw pieces missing. My goal as a Christian writer is to help you discover and fit together more of those pieces of truth to create a clearer understanding of the purpose and meaning of your life.

One last thing I would like to add is that through my experiences, I have concluded that trying to answer questions someone is not asking is usually not a good idea. I encourage you to ask me any questions you might have about life through the Contact page. I will try to personally answer in a timely way any questions you may have through email or future materials I create.   

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