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New Christian Book Release! - 2021New

CAN YOU Believe It?

15 Key Christian Beliefs about Life that Will Transform Your Understanding of God’s Purpose for Your Life!

When you embrace these beliefs you will:

  • Discover God’s purpose for your life.

  • Discover the biblical foundations for Christian faith.

  • Learn how to experience the comforting presence of God daily.

  • Learn how to become a spiritual blessing.

  • Discover how to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

  • Learn how to release the power of God’s Spiritual love.

  • Quickly Fill in the Missing Pieces of your Biblical Understanding of Life and it's Challenges!

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    Mark Vee Ministries

    Christian Author

    Mark writes articles and books for understanding life, people, and relationships from a Christian biblical perspective in order to learn how to live a rewarding life with meaning and purpose.

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    Christian Webinars/Courses

    Mark creates educational and inspirational webinars and courses to increase faith, hope and love. The goals are to grow in our biblical knowledge and increasingly become spiritual blessings to others.

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    Spiritual Advisor

    There are times in life when living with Christian faith, hope and love are difficult at best. Book personal time with Mark Vee to quickly get the biblical answers and spiritual insights that you need for spiritual growth.

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    The Mark Vee phone app is currently being developed to extend our worldwide reach. All educational, inspirational, general notices and announcements will be conveniently made available through this phone app.

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    Every successful ministry requires multiple people working together to contribute to its success. Those who share Mark's vision for ministry are invited to join the Vee Team to help extend our worldwide reach with their time and talents.

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