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Can You Believe It!

15 Key Christian Beliefs about Life that Will Transform Your Understanding of God's Purpose for Your Life!

Discover :

  • God's purpose for your life.

  • The biblical foundations for a Christian worldview.

  • How to experience the comforting presence of God daily.

  • How to increasingly become a spiritual blessing to others.

  • How to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

  • How to release the transforming power of the spiritual love of God in and through your life.

  • Biblical Purpose of Life Book

    Fill in the Missing Pieces of your Biblical Understanding of Life and It's Challenges!

    Topics Covered In "Can You Believe It?"

    Key Christian beliefs about Life to Understand the purpose and meaning of life!

    Understanding the Origins of our Existence

    Why is there this place called earth with people living on it? Why do we exist? Is there a God, Creator? Why would you believe that? What difference does a belief in God make anyway?

    How Can You Believe in a God Like that?

    To hear some people describe their concept of God makes loving Him, trusting Him, and obeying Him difficult at best! What is your understanding of who God is? How do you describe Him? 

    What is God's Purpose for Your Life? 

    Is there a reason people exist? What are we suppose to be doing here over the course of a lifetime? What would make my life valuable and meaningful? What would make my life valuable?

    What Happened? This is not Paradise!?

    If you believe God is all powerful, all knowing, perfect in every way, what happened? Why is life not paradise, right here, and right now?  Why do such painful things happen to us in our lives?  Did God make some mistakes?

    Human Nature is Spititually Broken!

    Why can't we all just get along? I really don't try to hurt other people, I really don't want to hurt other people's feeings.   Why do I say the things I do not want to and do not say the things I do want to say?  When I know something is wrong, why do I want to do it?

    The Law is a Light in the Darkness!

    Why do we need all of these laws and rules? Why can't we all just do whatever we want to? Does God have some need to make us do and not do whatever He says? Will God love and bless me if I do not obey everything He tells me to do? 

    Spirituality is All About the Heart!

    How can we love in spirit and in truth? If impure desires are also sin, who can claim a pure heart? How do I create within me a pure heart? 

    The Spiritual Path to Eternal Life!

    Who can put Humpty Dumpty together again? Who is this man Jesus? Why did religious leaders hate Jesus so much? What does faith have to do with salvation?

    We can Trust God with our Lives!

    What is Faith?  How is it different from just believing?  Embracing the truth makes trusting God easy! Learn how faith unlocks all the doors of Spiritual blessings!

    The Gift of Spiritual Wisdom and Power!

    How do we become the spiritual children of God? Learn several ways the Holy Spirit can literally transform your life spiritually.  

    Ushering In the Kingdom of God!

    What is the kingdom of God and what makes it so powerful?  Discover what will bring lasting peace and harmony in life and  what the key to living a meaningful and rewarding life is.

    Arm Yourself for Spiritual War!

    Learn about the spiritual war that rages for control over the hearts and minds of people.  Learn how and why our faith is always under attack in this spiritual war.

    Focusing on Heavenly Treasures!

    Discover what constitutes a rewarding life in God's eyes. Discover what God will be rewarding people for. Discover how everyone can build wealth in the kingdom of heaven.

    Good News! The End is Near!

    Discover how the messages that the "End is Near!" is nothing to be feared.  Is the end of this world something you should fear?

    God wants to Tell You Something!

    Learn to listen for what the will of God is for your life.  Knowing the will of God always requires embracing the Truth he reveals. God seeks to teach you all things.

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    What Our Readers Are Saying

     What it means to be a Christian in every day language !

    The best book I have ever read that outlines what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The book spells out the HOW and the WHY of being a christian in today's world, in a basic to read and to understand format and style.

    This is a book for all, from a questioning young person to parents and grandparents wanting to learn how to introduce Jesus to the next generations.



    Fred P

    Christian Pastor

    I would recommend this book to new believers who do not have a thorough understanding of what Christianity is about. The fifteen keys that Vee outlines will get them started on the right path. It will also encourage them to think about what they believe and why they believe it

    Cindy D.

    Reddsy Reviewer

    There are many positive aspects in this book that will be unique to each reader. The author addresses a question that many people desire to have answered. At some point in life, most human beings ask themselves what their purpose in life is. I stumbled upon many revelations and lessons that have brought me a step closer to understanding my purpose in life. For this reason, I thank and applaud the author.


    Official Reviewer


    About Author

    Mark Vee

    Mark Vee is a down-to-earth, highly relatable Christian author, speaker, teacher, and spiritual advisor who speaks to and from the heart. Since receiving a Master of Divinity degree from Western Theological Seminary in 1982, he has helped thousands experience the presence and loving power of God. Mark lives in Grand Haven, Michigan with his wife, Susanne, and their 5 children and seven grandchildren

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